Top 10 matches at Barcelona Nou Camp all-time

Top 10 matches at Barcelona's Nou Camp all time
Top 10 matches at Barcelona's Nou Camp all time

Top matches at Barcelona's Nou Camp

The Spanish team Barcelona is going through a very difficult period, especially in the UEFA Champions League. After being unbeatable locally and in Europe, the Catalan team is now going through one of the worst periods in its history. We and all Barcelona fans are completely confident that this is just a setback that will end sooner or later. There is no great team that has not faced setbacks since its establishment, and because the comeback is part of the motto, Barcelona will surely return.

In this article, we recount 10 historic matches witnessed at Camp Nou, the home of Blaugrana, which saw its fans inside and outside the stadium experiencing unforgettable historic moments. Nine of them are with another famous match that took place at the largest stadium in Europe (99,000 seats) since its inauguration on September 24, 1957.

Top 10 historic matches at the Camp Nou

  1. Barcelona 6-1 Paris Saint-Germain.
  2. Manchester United 2-1 Bayern Munich.
  3. Barcelona 3-0 Gothenburg.
  4. Barcelona 2-2 Chelsea.
  5. Barcelona 4-0 Milan.
  6. Barcelona 3-0 Ipswich Town.
  7. Barcelona 5-1 Chelsea.
  8. Barcelona 4-1 Dynamo Kyiv.
  9. Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid.
  10. Barcelona 3-2 Valencia.

10- Barcelona 3-2 Valencia
Some moments make luck seem to be on your side throughout the match. Barcelona seemed on the verge of being eliminated from the UEFA Champions League football season 2000/2001 before Rivaldo intervened and saved the situation.

The hat-trick he scored against Valencia was truly impressive, but the timing and style of his third goal were difficult and legendary. The ball was passed to him on the edge of the penalty area in the 89th minute, then he lifted it into the air and then decided to attempt the most famous kick of his career from above head level, which flew directly into the bottom corner, yes, a famous scissor kick whose echo still resonates to this day. It was later confirmed that this was his last match with Barcelona, truly not a bad way to leave Camp Nou.

9- Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid
Today was supposed to be the day when Jose Mourinho restored Real Madrid's dominance in Spain. He started better than any coach in Real Madrid's history and was unbeaten before this positive streak came to a halt at Camp Nou. Things didn't go well for the white team there, as Barcelona put their eternal rival in a new embarrassing position and taught them a harsh lesson thanks to a brilliant performance from Lionel Messi.

It was another big win after a few months since the 2-6 result. The best symbol of the famous match is the moment when Gerard Pique raised his hand high with his five fingers in a sign of the final match result.

8- Barcelona 4-1 Dynamo Kyiv
Barcelona seems to have a habit of flirting with elimination before deciding to focus on reaching the final stages instead. In the 1993/1994 season, they almost exited the first round of the UEFA Champions League against the Ukrainian team Dynamo Kyiv. The loss in the first leg with a score of 3-1 reflects the usual stereotypes about Ukraine as a difficult place to visit.

But Barcelona turned it around at their Camp Nou fortress, with Michael Laudrup initiating the Catalan comeback in the 10th minute, and Jose Mari Bakero scoring two more goals before Ronald Koeman sealed the win in the final 20 minutes.

7- Barcelona 5-1 Chelsea
Another stunning comeback from Barcelona after a tough first-leg match at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea in England. Just like the famous match against Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona quickly took the lead through Rivaldo and Luis Figo before the midway point of the game, but a distant goal from Tore Andre Flo of the Blues pushed them back.

Before their player, Dani Garcia scored a header from a set piece executed by Pep Guardiola to send Barca into extra time, where Rivaldo and Patrick Kluivert managed to turn the tables on the English club.

6- Barcelona 3-0 Ipswich Town
Johan Cruyff, a Barcelona player Yes, there was a time not long ago when a great performance was requested from the Dutch legend Johan Cruyff to eliminate the English team Ipswich Town from Europe, and he scored two goals in the first 47 minutes, leaving one more goal to bring Barcelona back from a three-goal deficit in the first leg. The comeback was confirmed with a penalty kick by Carlos Rexach in the 87th minute, and then Renus Michels' team won 3-1 on penalties.

5- Barcelona 4-0 Milan
Barcelona has a habit of making history at the Camp Nou stadium. The Catalan giant became the first team to overturn a four-goal deficit in the new era of the Champions League, going back to the 2012/2013 season, as they became the first team to turn around a two-goal deficit without benefiting from an away goal.

It proved to be easy enough for Barcelona, as Messi scored two goals in the first half followed by two more goals from David Villa and Jordi Alba to qualify for the quarter-finals.

4- Barcelona 2-2 Chelsea
This was one of the painful Champions League nights experienced by the fans of Camp Nou, where Barcelona suffered a bitter withdrawal from the English team Chelsea, the champion of the 2011/2012 edition. Lionel Messi's teammates did everything they could to reach the final, even though the solid defense adopted by the Blues was breached on many occasions.

However, goalkeeper Petr Cech and the woodwork prevented Barça from scoring enough goals to ensure their qualification. What made matters worse was their reception of two goals from the English team, one of which deceived the camera that was surprised to see the Spanish player Fernando Torres running alone towards Victor Valdes. The Nino had no difficulty in dribbling past the goalkeeper and scoring a goal to confirm the victory for his teammates.

3- Barcelona 3-0 Gothenburg
Historic matches for Barcelona If Barcelona needs any advice on European comebacks, there will be plenty of stories, they won't need to look further than, for example, the 3-0 win over the Swedish team Gothenburg. They went into that game in April 1986 trailing by three goals. Former Barca player Pichi Alonso scored a hat-trick in the last 90 minutes to send the game to penalties.

It seemed that Francisco José Carrasco had caused Barcelona's defeat by missing the third penalty, but Ronald Nilsson's miss for the Swedish team's fifth penalty made Barcelona able to win the game thanks to their goalkeeper Victor Munoz's save.

2- Manchester United 2-1 Bayern Munich
When the referee enjoys the match, you know it was good. Pierluigi Collina is considered one of the most distinguished referees of all time, having officiated the 1998/1999 UEFA Champions League final which saw Bayern Munich leading until the 91st minute, but what happened afterward went into football history.

A corner kick came from David Beckham and reached Ryan Giggs who fired but missed, before falling between Teddy Sheringham's feet who scored the equalizer, and after less than 30 seconds, Manchester United won another corner kick as well. This time it was Ole Gunnar Solskjaer who pushed the ball into the net, confirming an exciting and unforgettable comeback at the Camp Nou.

1- Barcelona 6-1 Paris Saint-Germain
Barcelona 6-1 Paris Saint-Germain 2017 We do not believe that there has been a match that witnessed as many twists and turns as the match on Wednesday night between Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain. The 4-0 loss in the first leg then the comeback seemed impossible, especially as Edinson Cavani's goal seemed to kill any hope of a comeback.

But there is no need to worry, as Neymar Junior scored a free-kick in the 88th minute, and then scored from a penalty before Sergi Roberto scored the precious winning goal in the last minute, all within seven minutes. Perhaps football has never seen a match like this before.

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