All winners of the african golden ball from 1970 till date

All winners of the african golden ball from 1970 till date
All winners of the african golden ball from 1970 till date

All winners of the african golden ball all time

All winners of the african golden ball from 1970 - 2023 The African Golden Ball is an annual award presented by the African Union since 1992 to the best African football player of the year. It was first presented by the French magazine France Football in 1970, and in 1992, it was replaced by the current award presented by the African Union.

The two most successful players of the African Golden Ball are Cameroonian Samuel Eto'o and Ivorian Yaya Touré, who have won the award on four occasions.

Samuel Eto'o won the award in the following years:
  • 2003 (beat Didier Drogba).
  • 2004 (beat Didier Drogba).
  • 2005 (beat Didier Drogba).
  • 2010 (beat Asamoah Gyan).

Eto'o was chosen as the second best player on the continent on two occasions, in 2006 and 2009, and on both occasions, he was the runner-up to the Ivorian Didier Drogba.

Yaya Touré won his four consecutive awards, surpassing:
  • Seydou Keita in 2011.
  • Didier Drogba in 2012.
  • John Obi Mikel in 2013.
  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in 2014.

George Weah and Abedi Pele each won three awards, and both competed for these awards at the same time.

George Weah is the only African player to have won the FIFA World Player of the Year and the Ballon d'Or awards.

George Weah finished second in the African Footballer of the Year award on four occasions:
  • 1991 - after Abedi Pele.
  • 1992 - after Abedi Pele.
  • 1994 - after Emmanuel Amunike.
  • 1996 - after Nwankwo Kanu.

The Arab players who won this award are:
  • Ahmed Farès (Morocco).
  • Tarek Dhiab (Tunisia).
  • Mahmoud El-Khatib (Egypt).
  • Riyad Mahrez (Algeria).
  • Lakhdar Belloumi (Algeria).
  • Mohamed El-Timoumi (Morocco).
  • Badou Ezzaki (Morocco).
  • Mohamed Salah (Egypt).
  • Rabah Madjer (Algeria).
  • Mustapha Hadji (Morocco).

Countries according to the number of times their players have won this award are:
  • Cameroon: 11 occasions.
  • Ghana: 6 occasions.
  • Ivory Coast: 6 occasions.
  • Nigeria: 6 occasions.
  • Morocco: 4 occasions.
  • Senegal: 4 occasions.
  • Algeria: 3 occasions.
  • Egypt: 3 occasions.
  • Liberia: 3 occasions.
  • Mali: 2 occasions.
  • Tunisia: 1 occasion.

All winners of the african golden ball

  • The prize presented by France Football
year Players (Nationality)
1970 Salif Keita (Mali)
1971 Ibrahim Sandai (Ghana)
1972 Sherif Suleiman (Gu
1973 Boanga Chiman (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
1974 Paul Mukila (Republic of the Congo)
1975 Ahmed Fars (Morocco)
1976 Roger Mila (Cameroon)
1977 Tariq Dayab (Tunisia)
1978 Karim Abdul Razak (Ghana)
1979 Thomas Nkono (Cameroon)
1980 Jean-Monga Onguan (Cameroon)
1981 Lakhdar Plume (Algeria)
1982 Thomas Nkono (Cameroon)
1983 Mahmoud Al-Khatib (Egypt)
1984 Teovil Abega (Cameroon)
1985 Mohamed El Timoumi (Morocco)
1986 Badou Al-Zaki (Morocco)
1987 Rahab Majer (Algeria)
1988 Kalusha Boalia (Zambia)
1989 George Weah (Liberia)
1990 Roger Mila (Cameroon)
1991 Abedi Pele (Ghana)
1992 Abedi Pele (Ghana)
1993 Abedi Pele (Ghana)
1994 George Weah (Liberia)

  • The prize presented by the African Union
year Players (Nationality)
1992 Abedi Pele (Ghana)
1994 Emmanuel Amoniki (Nigeria)
1995 George Weah (Liberia)
1996Nwanku Kano (Nigeria)
1997 Victor Ikpepa (Nigeria)
1998 Mustafa Haji (Morocco)
1999 Nwanku Kano (Nigeria)
2000 Patrick Mboma (Cameroon)
2001Al-Hajji Diouf (Senegal)
2002 Al-Hajji Diouf (Senegal)
2003 Samuel Ito (Cameroon)
2004 Samuel Ito (Cameroon)
2005 Samuel Ito (Cameroon)
2006 Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast)
2007 Frederick Kanoute (Mali)
2008 Emmanuel Adebayor (Togo)
2009 Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast)
2010Samuel Ito (Cameroon)
2011 Yahya Touré (Ivory Coast)
2012 Yahya Touré (Ivory Coast)
2013 Yahya Touré (Ivory Coast)
2014 Yahya Touré (Ivory Coast)
2015 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Gabon)
2016 Riyad Mahrez (Algeria)
2017 Mohamed Salah (Egypt)
2018 Mohamed Salah (Egypt)
2019 Sadio Mane (Senegal)
2022 Sadio Mane (Senegal)
2023 Victor Osimhen (Nigeria)

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