Top 10 best goalkeepers with the most clean sheets all time

Top 10 best Goalkeepers With the Most Clean Sheets all time
Top 10 best Goalkeepers With the Most Clean Sheets all time

Outstanding goalkeepers play a crucial role in determining match outcomes by executing crucial saves and initiating team plays. Despite being among the most undervalued individuals in the field, their impact is undeniable. Therefore, let's highlight some of the goalkeepers who have accumulated the highest number of clean sheets in their careers:

goalkeepers with the most clean sheets

Goalkeepers are considered the most crucial defensive wall for any football team in the world. They are the only ones capable of stopping the ball with any part of their bodies, which is why you often see them performing acrobatic moves to defend their goal and protect it from the goals that attackers aspire to score.

The widely recognized clean sheet, also known as the clean sheet, can establish the superiority of some goalkeepers in this game. However, it is not necessarily a measure to consider them among the best in history. We have already prepared a previous list talking about the top 10 goalkeepers in the history of football.

Who has the most clean sheets in goalkeeping history?

He registered 202 apple-pie bedding in Serie A, which charcoal an almanac to date. Buffon won the FIFA 2006 World Cup with Italy at the civic level. He additionally won the Yashin accolade in that tournament.

Gian Luigi Buffon is an abundant Italian goalkeeper. He has one of the longest careers among footballers. More than 501 apple-pie bedding have been recorded by him in the arena for teams like Parma, Juventus, and PSG.

Top 10 Goalkeepers With the Most Clean Sheets all time

Top 10 Goalkeepers With Most Clean Sheets in Football History Our ranking today will be based on numbers and statistics from the specialized website Transfermarkt. Footballing has researched and cross-checked information from various reliable sources to discuss the goalkeeper who has achieved the most clean sheets in history. 

10- Oliver Kahn

322 clean sheets
Oliver Kahn
Oliver Kahn

Oliver Kahn, the German goalkeeper, held the following records:
  • Number of matches: 870
  •  Goals conceded in his career: 677
  • Clean sheet percentage: 2.7 matches
  • Conceded a goal every 115 minutes
Before Manuel Neuer emerged, Oliver Kahn was the benchmark for German goalkeepers. Starting his career with his hometown club Karlsruhe, he became a legendary goalkeeper for Bayern Munich, achieving remarkable and unique accomplishments. His fierce personality instilled fear in the hearts of both teammates and opponents.

Oliver Kahn reached the peak of his football career at the beginning of the new millennium. After winning the UEFA Champions League title with Bayern Munich in 2001, the "Lion Goalkeeper" delivered a historic performance with the German national team in the 2002 World Cup. Despite losing in the final against Brazil, he was chosen as the tournament's best player.

9- Andoni Zubizarreta

344 clean sheets
Andoni Zubizarreta
Andoni Zubizarreta

Andoni Zubizarreta, a goalkeeper known for his strong personality, maintained several football records in Spanish football for many years. Among them, he holds the record for the most clean sheets in the history of La Liga with 235 clean sheets.

Zubizarreta represented four different teams in Spain and won the league title six times, three "Copa del Rey" trophies, and the UEFA Champions League with Barcelona in 1992. He was a key player in the Blaugrana's golden generation under the leadership of Johan Cruyff. Zubizarreta played for the Spanish national team in 126 matches, keeping a clean sheet in 57 of them.

8- Manuel Neuer

350 clean sheets
Manuel Neuer
Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer, often referred to as the "Sweeper Keeper," has been a transformative figure in the goalkeeper position from 2011 to 2020, according to the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS). He revolutionized the concept of the "goalkeeper-defender" through his performances on the field.

The German goalkeeper continues to deliver outstanding displays for both Bayern Munich and the German national team. Neuer's ability to act as a sweeper behind the defensive line has been a defining characteristic of his playing style.

Having been awarded the title of "Goalkeeper of the Decade," Neuer's contributions have left a significant impact on the way goalkeepers approach their role. It remains intriguing to see how many more clean sheets he will add to his current tally of 350 as he continues to showcase exceptional goalkeeping for both club and country.

7- Pepe Reina

358 clean sheets
Pepe Reina
Pepe Reina

Pepe Reina, the esteemed goalkeeper who gave his all at Anfield, played a significant role in the legendary Spanish national team led by Iker Casillas. Whenever Casillas was unavailable, Reina stepped up and consistently delivered the required performance. In the English Premier League, his three consecutive Golden Glove awards as the best goalkeeper in the tournament speak volumes about his prowess.

Reina, during his peak years, achieved an impressive record of 358 clean sheets in over 850 appearances throughout his professional career. His three consecutive Golden Glove awards in the Premier League underscore his excellence in the English top flight.

The Spanish goalkeeper's golden gloves and remarkable achievements were a testament to his exceptional skills between the posts. Despite being active in football, Pepe Reina currently represents Lazio in Serie A, showcasing his enduring passion for the sport.

6- Ray Clemence

366 clean sheets
Ray Clemence
Ray Clemence

Ray Clemence, the iconic goalkeeper of Liverpool, could strike fear into the hearts of all English football fans and, particularly, Liverpool supporters. He was the safe pair of hands responsible for lifting European and domestic trophies at Anfield.

Clemence was an integral part of the team's confidence, and he played a crucial role in the club's success. Ray Clemence is remembered as one of the few players to surpass 1000 appearances in his football career. With an astounding record of 366 clean sheets, he stands as one of the goalkeepers with the highest number of clean sheets in the history of football. His legacy at Liverpool and his contribution to the game continue to be celebrated.

5- Petr Čech

397 clean sheets
Petr Čech
Petr Čech

Petr Čech, the record-holder for the most clean sheets in the history of the English Premier League, has left an indelible mark on the league. Throughout his illustrious career, Čech showcased himself as one of the greatest goalkeepers in the history of the Premier League.

Joining Chelsea in 2004, Čech continued proving he was among the best in the English top flight. The 39-year-old goalkeeper achieved numerous records that stand unmatched by any other goalkeeper. Notably, Čech is the only goalkeeper to have won the Golden Glove in the Premier League with two different clubs, Chelsea and Arsenal. Additionally, he holds the record for the most clean sheets in the English Premier League with an impressive total of 202 clean sheets.

4- Edwin van der Sar

439 clean sheets
Edwin van der Sar
Edwin van der Sar

Edwin van der Sar, another legendary goalkeeper, achieved a remarkable 439 clean sheets throughout his illustrious career. The four-time English Premier League winner played over 300 matches in the Premier League and delivered exceptional performances even after surpassing the age of 34. Van der Sar secured all possible honors with Manchester United, establishing himself as a key figure for the Red Devils.

The slender Dutch goalkeeper maintained a remarkable record in the Premier League, achieving a record of 14 consecutive clean sheets—a feat that still stands as a testament to his goalkeeping prowess. While it is a challenging record to replicate, it highlights his legendary beginnings with Ajax Amsterdam, leading them to victory in the UEFA Champions League in 1995.

3- Iker Casillas

440 clean sheets
Iker Casillas
Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas, the greatest Spanish goalkeeper in history, earned his reputation through exceptional athleticism, quick reflexes, and an outstanding ability to stop shots. His professional career, predominantly with Real Madrid, showcased his prowess as he achieved numerous successes.

Known as Saint Iker, he holds the record for the most clean sheets in the UEFA Champions League with an impressive total of 59 clean sheets. Recognized by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) as the second-best goalkeeper of the 21st century, behind Gianluigi Buffon, Casillas played a crucial role in leading the Spanish national team to consecutive victories in the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship.

Casillas' contributions and achievements, both at the club and international level, solidify his status as one of the greatest goalkeepers in the history of football.

2- Dino Zoff

446 clean sheets
Dino Zoff
Dino Zoff

Dino Zoff, despite not holding as many records as his compatriot Buffon, possesses several notable achievements. He is renowned for having the longest time without conceding a goal in international matches (1142 minutes) and the most consecutive minutes without conceding a goal in European competitions, including qualifying rounds (784 minutes).

Zoff, with 446 clean sheets in his career, achieved this impressive feat in a relatively fewer number of matches. While he may not have as many records as Buffon, his accomplishments, such as leading the Italian national team to win the 1982 World Cup at 40, underscore his remarkable career and contributions to the sport.

1- Gianluigi Buffon

501 clean sheets
Gianluigi Buffon
Gianluigi Buffon

Gianluigi Buffon, often referred to as the GOAT (Greatest of All Time), holds the title of the goalkeeper with the most clean sheets in the Italian Serie A. At the age of 40, Buffon remains active and continues to display his prowess for Parma, his hometown club.

Buffon has withstood the test of time, surpassing 40 years of age and still performing at a high level in Italy. He is currently revered as one of the greatest goalkeepers not only of his generation but also in the history of the sport. Buffon has outshone many goalkeepers who came after him, becoming an icon and a role model for aspiring goalkeepers worldwide.

Having won almost every possible title in his illustrious career, Buffon's legacy is further solidified by his record of achieving 499 clean sheets, which continues to rise as he remains an active and influential presence in Italian football.

most clean sheets in football history in one season

  • Marc-Andre Ter Stegen: 26 clean sheets
Barcelona's final La Liga coordinate against Mallorca was a deplorable one for the fans as Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba played their final ever amusement for the club. But, there was delight within the stadium as the German goalkeeper equaled the record, the same record which has been there for nearly 3 decades.

On Sunday, Ter Stegen, earned his 26 clean sheets of the season, equalling the all-time record in La Liga, which was set by Deportivo's Francisco Liano within the 1993-94 campaign. Barcelona as it were conceded 15 objectives this season with Ter Stegen in between the posts.

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