Top 10 Best Uruguayan footballers of all time

Top 10 Best Uruguayan footballers of all time
Top 10 Best Uruguayan footballers of all time

Top 10 best Uruguayan footballers in history

  • Top 10 Uruguayan footballers in history all-time
Uruguay is one of the national teams that had the honor of winning the World Cup twice. They were the champions of the first tournament in 1930, followed by an unforgettable victory in the Maracanã stadium against Brazil. Not only that, but the Celeste is also the team that has won the Copa America the most, with a total of 15 times.

Throughout these different generations, we have decided to compile a list of the top 10 players in the history of Uruguay. Enjoy reading.

best Uruguay soccer players of all time

  • Who is the best Uruguay soccer player of all time?
Uruguay has presented throughout decades the best talents and players in the world of football, despite not winning many championships. However, its stars continue to play at astonishing levels all around the world. We will shed light on a list of the best players in the history of Uruguay, whose names have remained immortal in the memory of football enthusiasts. These names are as follows:
  1. Enzo Francescoli.
  2. Juan Alberto Cifuente.
  3. Obdulio Varela.
  4. Luis Suarez.
  5. Pedro Roca.
  6. Edinson Cavani.
  7. Diego Forlan.
  8. Hector Scarone.
  9. Jose Nasazzi.
  10. Alessio Gigia.

Who is the best player in the Uruguay team?

The Uruguay national team celebrates talented players since their beginnings in the world of football. Among the big names in the team's history, these names are as follows:
  • Luis Suarez.
  • Diego Forlan.
  • Eduardo Lacourt.
  • Giuseppe Morini.
  • Juan Schiaffino.
  • Enrique Ordez.

Top 10 Uruguayan footballers of all time

10- Alessio Gigia
Alessio Gigia
Alessio Gigia

A very famous player in Uruguay, as he is considered the author of the decisive goal in the famous Maracanã final against Brazil (3-2). It is a coincidence that he died exactly 65 years after his historic goal (July 16).

Gigia started his career with the team Peñarol and won the championship title twice. He is also considered one of the greatest players in the history of AS Roma when he played for them from 1953 to 1961. He also had the honor of winning the Italian league once, but with AC Milan when he played for them for one season (1961/1962).

9- Jose Nasazzi
Jose Nasazzi
Jose Nasazzi

The first captain in history to win the World Cup when Uruguay won it in 1930, the late defender managed to achieve seven major international titles, including the World Cup and the Copa America four times each, and twice in the Olympic Games.

We selected him in a previous article as a player in the best lineup in the history of South America (see here), and there is an unofficial competition named after him called the "Nasazzi Stick" which is held by any national team that can defeat the world champion.

8- Hector Scarone
Hector Scarone
Hector Scarone

one of the first players in the history of South America to cross the Atlantic Ocean to play professionally in Europe, when he joined FC Barcelona in 1926 and then Inter Milan in 1931.

Scarone won the 1930 World Cup hosted by his country and achieved other international titles, including two Olympic Games and four Copa America championships. With his clubs, he contributed to Nacional's domination of the league title eight times.

7- Diego Forlan
Diego Forlan
Diego Forlan

As a striker, the best player in the 2010 World Cup, and the fifth-place holder in the Ballon d'Or award for the same year, Forlan possesses top-level technique that enabled him to win the European Golden Shoe twice (2005 and 2009).

He played for several major European teams, most notably Manchester United, with whom he won the English Premier League and the FA Cup. He also played with Villarreal before playing for Atletico Madrid, where he won the 2010 UEFA Europa League. In addition to the aforementioned individual achievements, he was twice the top scorer in La Liga.

6- Edinson Cavani
Edinson Cavani
Edinson Cavani

Cavani, along with Suarez and Forlan, form the golden trio of one of the greatest generations in the history of Uruguay. He is a prolific scorer who is no less than any other striker in the world, and he is considered the all-time leading scorer for Paris Saint-Germain and the second-highest scorer in the history of the national team.

Some football experts compare Cavani's style to the Dutch legend Marco van Basten, due to his attacking abilities that enable him to score from any position. He won the Serie A top scorer title in the 2012/2013 season, in addition to many other achievements.

5- Pedro Roca
Pedro Roca
Pedro Roca

When Pedro Roca played, anyone could distinguish this player because of his unique style, his ability to pass, and his skill in executing free kicks. He is considered the only player in Uruguay's history to have participated in four consecutive editions of the World Cup.

His career with clubs was remarkable as he won the league title eight times with Peñarol, three Copa Libertadores championships, and two Intercontinental Cups (currently known as the FIFA Club World Cup). In 1970, he joined São Paulo FC, where he helped them win their first-ever Brazilian league title.

4- Luis Suarez
Luis Suarez
Luis Suarez

One of the most famous players on this list and the all-time top scorer for the Uruguayan national team, with a career that is the most prominent in the history of the Celeste in Europe, starting from Ajax Amsterdam to legendary seasons with Liverpool and then to Barcelona, where he became one of the legends of the Catalan club in a few years.

He won the Copa America title with his country in 2011 and always plays a crucial role in qualifying his country for the World Cup finals. Despite his controversies on the field, he has a great record of individual and collective titles that cannot be mentioned in these few lines.

3- Obdulio Varela
Obdulio Varela
Obdulio Varela

He was the captain of the Uruguayan national team in the epic final of the 1950 World Cup, and winning the World Cup was not his only achievement with the Celeste, but he also accompanied it with the Copa America in 1942.

Varela is considered one of the best leaders and defensive midfielders in history (see here) and also played the role of captain in the Club Nacional de Football, leading them to win the championship 6 times. According to the South American Football Confederation, he was chosen as one of the best 13 players in its history.

2- Juan Alberto Cifuente
Juan Alberto Cifuente
Juan Alberto Cifuente

is a complete and versatile midfielder with great talent. He possesses exceptional game vision, and one of his former teammates described him as having a radar in place of his brain due to his ability to anticipate his opponents' movements.

Cifuentes won the 1950 World Cup with Uruguay and won the local league four times with his team, Peñarol. He later moved to AC Milan and contributed to the Lombard club winning the Serie A title three times.

1- Enzo Francescoli
Enzo Francescoli
Enzo Francescoli

is nicknamed "The Prince" for his elegance on and off the field. He was selected among the top 100 players in the history of football by FIFA. His great skills demonstrated with the Argentine club River Plate, allowed him to have a successful career in Europe, playing for several prominent teams including Marseille. He later returned to South America to finish his journey with River.

Francescoli has won several titles, including the Copa America three times, the French League once, and the Copa Libertadores once. On a personal level, he has received numerous accolades, such as being named the best player in South America twice.

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