Top 10 best Clubs whose players won the Ballon d'Or

The most clubs whose players won the Ballon d'Or
The most clubs whose players won the Ballon d'Or     

Top 10 crowned Ballon d'Or teams

Most crowned team with Ballon d'Or award In 1956, France Football magazine came up with the idea of awarding a prize to the best European player every year. Therefore, the Ballon d'Or was initially exclusive to players from the old continent. However, in 1995, this rule was changed to include all players who play in European clubs. In 2007, the rule was amended again to make the award available to all players worldwide from different continents.

The Ballon d'Or is simply the most prestigious individual award and the highest honor a football player can achieve in their individual career. Clubs play a crucial role in their players' attainment of this honor. In this list, we will present the teams that have won the Ballon d'Or the most times.

What are the criteria for winning the Ballon d'Or?

Get to know the criteria for selecting the winner of the Ballon d'Or:
  • Criterion 1: Individual and collective performance throughout the year
This criterion refers to the individual and collective achievements of the player. It takes into account the titles won by each player and the accomplishments they have reached, in addition to their individual performance, such as being crowned the top scorer in a championship.

  • Criterion 2: Talent and Fair Play
Talent has become a determining factor in selecting the winner of the Ballon d'Or, which usually favors skilled players. The player's behavior and sportsmanship on the field are also taken into consideration. The more aggressive and hostile the player, the lower their chances of winning.

  • Criterion 3: Player's career
Although the award is given for players' performance during a single year, the French newspaper emphasized that the player's overall career is also taken into account. This criterion prioritizes players who maintain their level of performance for the longest possible period of time.

10 best Clubs whose players won the Ballon d'Or

  1. Real Madrid Spanish (12 times).
  2. Barcelona Spanish (11 times).
  3. Juventus Italian (8 times).
  4. AC Milan Italian (8 times).
  5. Bayern Munich (5 times).
  6. Manchester United English (4 times).
  7. Inter Milan of Italy (twice).
  8. Hamburg German (twice).
  9. Dynamo Kyiv from Ukraine (twice).
  10. Ajax Amsterdam Dutch (twice).

10- Ajax Amsterdam Dutch (twice)
Ajax Amsterdam Dutch (twice)
Cruyff was the European champion with Ajax three consecutive times.

It is no secret that the Dutch club Ajax Amsterdam is one of the top European clubs that roamed in the 1970s, winning the UEFA Champions League four times, three of which were consecutive in 1971-72-73, followed by another title in 1995. With several domestic titles, they deserve to be the most prominent team in the Low Countries without dispute. The legend who achieved the Golden Ball for them is:
  • Johan Cruyff 1971-1973.

9- Dynamo Kyiv from Ukraine (twice)
Dynamo Kyiv from Ukraine (twice)
Villanova was chosen by Time magazine as one of the top 100 players in history.

Bilanov was chosen by Time magazine as one of the top 100 players in history.
It is one of the oldest teams in Ukraine currently, and formerly in the Soviet Union, and is considered a formidable force in Eastern Europe with several titles, surpassing fifty among them. This club managed to have its players win the Ballon d'Or twice, through both:
  • Oleg Blokhin in 1976
  • Igor Belanov in 1986.

8- Hamburg German (twice)
Hamburg German (twice)
Kevin Keegan is one of the greatest legends in world football.

Kevin Keegan is one of the greatest legends in world football.

It is considered one of the most famous German clubs and has never fallen to the second German league except once in the 2017-2018 season. It has won numerous championships, the most prominent of which was the UEFA Champions League in 1983, but it is not the achievement that earned its players the Ballon d'Or, which was won by only one English player:
  • Kevin Keegan 1978-1979.

7- Inter Milan of Italy (twice)
Inter Milan of Italy (twice)
The phenomenon of Ronaldo at the peak of his power in 1997.

The great Italian club deserves more than two golden cards. Throughout its history, Inter Milan has presented a group of the most prominent legendary players, from the era of Giuseppe Meazza to Grande Inter in the 1960s. The Snake team has only known one of its players winning the Ballon d'Or in the 1990s, and it was through:
  • Lothar Matthäus in 1990
  • The phenomenon of Ronaldo in 1997

6- Manchester United English (4 times)
Manchester United English (4 times)
This is what the Golden Ball looked like when talented George Best received it in 1968.

United is perhaps the most legendary English club that has produced high-level legends, and the proof of this is that it is the only English team on this list, and 4 players from it have won the Ballon d'Or, and they are:
  • Denis Law 1964
  • Bobby Charlton 1966
  • George Best 1968
  • Cristiano Ronaldo 2008

5- Bayern Munich, the German team (5 times)
Bayern Munich, the German team (5 times).
Franz Beckenbauer led Bayern Munich to dominate European football.

since 1981, none of its players have ever won the Ballon d'Or. Despite this, Bayern fans continue to cherish the history of their champions. The crowned players are:
  • Gerd Muller - 1970
  • Franz Beckenbauer - 1972-1976
  • Karl-Heinz Rummenigge - 1980-1981

4- AC Milan Italian (8 times)
AC Milan Italian (8 times)
Ricard contributed to the crowning of his teammates Van Basten and Gullit with the Golden Ball, and together they formed the Dutch Triangle of Horror.

They achieved 4th place in the list of teams with the most Ballon d'Or titles. Their players have secured the 2nd place 3 times and the 3rd place 6 times. The list of winners includes:
  • Gianni Rivera in 1969
  • Ruud Gullit in 1987
  • Marco van Basten achieved the Ballon d'Or in the years 1988, 1989, and 1992.
  • George Weah in 1995
  • Andriy Shevchenko in 2004
  • Ricardo Kaká in 2007

3- Juventus Italian (8 times)
Juventus Italian (8 times)
Platini is the most successful French player to win the award.

Juventus, the team with absolute dominance in championships within Italy, does not have much luck in the UEFA Champions League. Out of 8 times they reached the final, they only won the tournament twice (1985-1996). However, despite this, their players have received a large number of Ballon d'Or awards. We present them to you in the following list:
  • Omar Sivori 1960
  • Paolo Rossi 1982
  • Michel Platini 1983-1984-1985
  • Roberto Baggio 1993
  • Zinedine Zidane 1998
  • Pavel Nedved 2003

2- Barcelona Spanish (11 times)
Barcelona Spanish (11 times)
Lionel Messi is the king of the Ballon d'Or with 7 titles.

The statistics differ specifically for Barcelona, as some say that the Catalan club won 12 Ballon d'Or titles, including the Dutch Johan Cruyff in 1973 and the Portuguese Luis Figo in 2000. However, according to France Football, the award was officially given to players who were playing for Ajax Amsterdam, and Real Madrid at that time. Despite this, Barcelona's list is truly remarkable with 11 wins:
  • Luis Suarez Miramontes in 1960
  • Johan Cruyff in 1974
  • Hristo Stoichkov in 1994
  • Rivaldo in 1999
  • Ronaldinho in 2005
  • Lionel Messi in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2019

1- Real Madrid Spanish (12 times)
Real Madrid Spanish (12 times)
Ronaldo showcases his 5 golden balls at Santiago Bernabeu 2018.

how many Ballon d'or Real Madrid have been Club of the Century according to official FIFA voting, and deserved this title after a European dominance that began with the start of the Ballon d'Or, which its players were not successful in winning the first prize in 1956, which went to the Englishman Stanley Matthews, the star of Blackpool, by a difference of only 3 votes from the star of Los Merengues at that time, Alfredo Di Stefano (47 to 44). However, the latter returned to win this honor the following year, and the series is as follows:
  • Alfredo Di Stefano 1957-1959
  • Raymond Kopa 1958
  • Luis Figo 2000
  • The Phenomenon Ronaldo 2002
  • Fabio Cannavaro 2006
  • Cristiano Ronaldo 2013-2014-2016-2017
  • Luka Modric 2018
  • Karim Benzema 2022

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