Top 10 Best Football moments of the decade 2010-2020

Top 10 Best Football moments of the decade 2010-2020
Top 10 Best Football moments of the decade 2010-2020

Top 10 Football moments of the decade - 2010-2020

The last decade represented another period in the long and prestigious history of football, dominated by the historic rivalry between Ronaldo and Messi. It witnessed many events that became beautiful memories for some fans and unpleasant for others. These are the fluctuations of the beautiful game.

They played in three World Cup finals, two European Championships, and ten editions of the UEFA Champions League, as well as in the top five leagues. We will take you on a short and concise journey to review the most beautiful moments of football in this decade (2010-2020).

10- Ronaldo's backheel in Turin: Love of farewell in shock

Ronaldo's backheel in Turin
Ronaldo's backheel in Turin

All those eight seasons that Ronaldo spent with Real Madrid were enough for him to top the list of Real Madrid's all-time top scorers. And here he is in the 2017/2018 season entering his ninth season with Los Merengues, who are defending their third consecutive UEFA Champions League title. He is facing Juventus in the quarter-finals, with the first leg to be played in Turin.

The Spanish club traveled there, and only 3 minutes into the game, Ronaldo succeeded in scoring the first royal goal. And at the 62nd minute, the Portuguese was on a date with a historic goal, turning a cross from Dani Carvajal into a spectacular backheel. A legendary leap in the air amidst the astonishment of goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon and warm applause from the Bianconeri fans, to which Ronaldo responded with gratitude for the respect he received and the love that was born between the two parties at that moment.

Love ultimately led to a separation from Real Madrid after administrative problems with President Florentino Perez, and a bitter shock was received by the fans of Real Madrid for losing the one who played a major role in making Los Blancos dominate Europe in this decade.

9- Neymar's deal from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain

Neymar's deal from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain
Neymar's deal from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain

The deal that revolutionized the football transfer market, a massive deal worth 222 million euros, it was said to be carried in one or two bags to Neymar's father and his agent, who counted every cent of them. We don't actually know how long it took to accomplish this difficult task, but the most important thing is that the amounts being paid to acquire players and their market value skyrocketed after that signature.

Neymar's signing with Paris Saint-Germain
It is enough to score 10 goals and assist in the same number and be in the prime of your youth, to attract a huge fortune to your team, and remove legends of the game from the list of the top 10 most expensive transfers in history. Unfortunately, it is the era of materialism, gentlemen.

8- Farewell Ferguson

Farewell Ferguson
Farewell Ferguson

On May 12, 2013, over 75,000 fans gathered at Old Trafford stadium to bid farewell to their legendary coach, Sir Alex Ferguson, after nearly 27 years in which he led Manchester United to achieve great success, both domestically and in Europe. With 13 domestic titles, he surpassed Liverpool's 18 league titles and brought United to the forefront of English football. The fans gave him a send-off befitting his legacy, with United holding 20 league titles to their name.

The tournament was highlighted by the star performance of Robin van Persie, a gift brought by Ferguson to the Theater of Dreams, given the number 20 for the league.

It was a visionary outlook from a legendary coach. Even before the start of the season, despite the strength of their rivals Manchester City, Ferguson knew that his team would ultimately rise to the top of the league.

Ferguson's retirement was historic. Since then, the Red Devils have struggled with defeats and setbacks. The coach who never knew fourth place has now become a dream for the fans. But because "comeback" is part of their motto, wait for United, for they will return sooner or later. What this Scottish man has built over these long decades will not be in vain, with confidence.

7- Ramos' header and the tenth that led to European glory

Ramos' header and the tenth that led to European glory
Ramos' header and the tenth that led to European glory

Real Madrid, the team with nine European titles, reached their first final in 12 years, to face Atletico Madrid, the team known for their defensive strength. Despite this, the balance was in favor of Los Merengues, thanks to their formidable squad of stars. The opportunity was suitable to achieve the long-awaited tenth.

The Rojiblancos did not have a pleasant meal at all, and their defender and captain, Diego Godin, opened the scoring in the 36th minute. Simeone's sons maintained their lead until the end of regular time, but extra time had a different say. We are talking about one of the most important moments in this decade, the 92nd and 48th minute, where Sergio Ramos rose high and scored a header that earned him a kiss from the captain, Casillas. Atletico collapsed in the extra time and lost the final 4-1.

Ramos' historic goal in the tenth final came in the Ramos' minute.
The header and the moment, without a doubt, are what led Real Madrid and gave them European confidence, leading them to win three consecutive titles. We wouldn't be exaggerating if we considered Real Madrid as the club of the decade from 2010 to 2020.

6- Return of Liverpool vs Barcelona: Anfield Hell

  • Date: May 7, 2019
  • Stadium: Anfield
  • Attendance: 52,212 spectators
  • Event: Second leg of the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League 2018/2019
Return of Liverpool vs Barcelona 2019
Return of Liverpool vs Barcelona 2019

The opportunity was perfect for Barcelona to win the UEFA Champions League that season, as everything was going well. They were on their way to La Liga title number 26 and had qualified for the Copa del Rey final to face Valencia.

Now we are in late May, and on top of all that, the team won 3-0 in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final against Liverpool. Only the return leg at Anfield stands between them and avoiding a repeat of the Roma comeback from the previous season, where they lost 3-0 at the Stadio Olimpico after winning the first leg 4-1.

The Reds were missing their stars Salah and Firmino, but because you won't walk alone at Anfield, the Red supporters crowded the stands to support their team until the end.

The match is underway, and Divock Origi scores the first goal, which is considered an honorable goal at the beginning. The first half ends with both teams launching attacks against each other.

Liverpool and Barcelona 2014
The second half begins, and with it, the excitement starts. It took less than 10 minutes for the Dutchman Georginio Wijnaldum to score a quick historic double for himself and his team, equalizing the score.

The two teams are tied 3-3, and fear starts to creep into the Barcelona players, while on the other side, nothing can stop the enthusiasm of the English team. They believe in a comeback, and indeed, the scorer of the first goal, Divock Origi, scores the fourth goal from a famous corner kick by the young full-back Trent Alexander-Arnold. It was a moment that highlighted the disarray and mental distraction of the Barcelona players, leading Liverpool to achieve a miracle. This victory eventually led them to their sixth UEFA Champions League title, defeating their compatriots, Tottenham, 2-0 in the final.

5- Portugal's Euro 2016 triumph

Portugal's Euro 2016 triumph
Portugal's Euro 2016 triumph

And finally, fate finally rewarded the legend Cristiano Ronaldo and led him to win the UEFA European Championship, one of the most prestigious titles in the continent. After the tears of Euro 2004, that young boy cried when his country was defeated at home by a surprising and lethal Greek team, which eliminated a golden generation including Cristiano, Luis Figo, Roy Costa, Deco, and others.

The Madeira Rocket cried, but he perfected his skills on English soil with Manchester United and shone with Real Madrid in La Liga, becoming Portugal's first legend and all-time top scorer. He led another different generation, a blend of youth and veterans, to win a strange European Cup that witnessed a draw between Brazil and Europe in the group stage in three matches. They overcame any team that stood in their way to face the strong host and crowd favorite, the French national team, in the final.

Here, another Portuguese event occurred, saying to him: "That's enough, my friend. Our national team fulfilled its duty and reached the final match. Let's go to the airport and welcome our heroes, who honored us with a second-place finish."

But Ronaldo, who came out injured, and his teammates had a different opinion. They held on to hope and fought until extra time. Ronaldo becomes the coach and interacts with his teammates, who are now more interested in him than Coach Santos, who decided to make the strongest change in Portugal's history. Éder, who replaced Renato Sanches in the 79th minute, scores the most precious goal in the 109th minute, ending the match and spreading joy in the streets of Lisbon and the country in general.

4- Barcelona vs. Paris Saint-Germain

  • Date: March 8, 2017
  • Stadium: Camp Nou
  • Attendance: 96,296 spectators
  • Event: UEFA Champions League Round of 16 second leg, 2016/2017
Barcelona vs. Paris Saint-Germain 2017
Barcelona vs. Paris Saint-Germain 2017

This was a brief overview of a match that not even the most optimistic believed Barcelona, who lost 4-0 to Paris Saint-Germain at the Parc des Princes, could come back from.

For those who witnessed the match and followed its details, they would know that they were in for a historic encounter. Luis Suarez, the sniper, opened the scoring in the third minute, followed by an own goal from Krychowiak just five minutes before the end of the first half. However, a 2-0 lead is not enough.

Yet, the third goal, scored by Lionel Messi from a penalty kick in the 50th minute, gave hope to the Catalans. However, that hope quickly faded with Edinson Cavani's goal in the 62nd minute. Now, Barca needs to score three more goals to progress, with no chance of a draw or extra time and penalties.

Time passed quickly and the result remained the same, a direct violation on the borders of the PSG regions, executed and succeeded by Neymar da Silva. Well, Barcelona will now exit with honor, but what happened after the 90th minute for the team of the City of Lights to collapse in that way and its players causing a penalty, which the Brazilian star Neymar advances to and scores his second goal in less than 4 minutes.

What happened in the end is what you all know, the chosen man of the match, da Silva, creates the miraculous goal for Sergio Roberto, causing Camp Nou to rise up and the supporters of the Catalan club around the world to cheer in joy for what is called "La Remontada."

3- Manchester City and Queens Park Rangers: Moments of Madness

Manchester City and Queens Park Rangers
Manchester City and Queens Park Rangers

This was part of the commentary by the creative Fares Awad on the crazy encounter between Queens Park Rangers, who are fighting relegation, and Manchester City, who are seeking their first title in 44 years. It was a dream that almost collapsed after fierce competition with their red neighbors, Manchester United. Both teams entered the final round with the same number of points (86), but City was leading on goal difference and head-to-head matches. A victory would be enough for them to clinch the championship.

Aguero's goal against Queens Park Rangers

However, things did not go well at the Etihad Stadium until the 90th minute, as QPR were leading 2-1. Meanwhile, the Red Devils had finished their away match against Sunderland with a 1-0 victory.

You can imagine, dear, the pressure that coach Roberto Mancini and his players were under. A whole historic season was on the verge of collapse, but luckily it didn't happen. Dzeko rose high and equalized in the 92nd minute, bringing back a glimmer of hope that Aguero didn't waste. He scored the decisive goal in the English Premier League.

2- The historical German 7-1 victory on Brazilian soil

The historical German 7-1 victory on Brazilian soil
The historical German 7-1 victory on Brazilian soil

I finished breakfast during the month of Ramadan 1435 Hijri, the time when the 2014 World Cup events were taking place, which was nearing its end. On that night, the match between Brazil, the host country, and Germany took place at the Mineirão Stadium, which was adorned by the Samba fans.

I hurried to the café eagerly to watch the summit, even though it had been about 25 minutes since the start of the match. But when I saw the score (4-0), it only took an additional 4 minutes, making it 5, for Miroslav Klose to score a goal and become the all-time top scorer in the World Cup with 16 goals, surpassing the record of the phenomenon Ronaldo, specifically, whose tally stopped at 15 goals.

A big surprise and the biggest humiliating defeat in the history of football, maybe because Brazil was defeated 7-1 on its own soil in the biggest football event after 64 years of the humiliating Maracanã defeat, which was also against Uruguay, with the presence of 200,000 spectators (a record number). It ended 2-1 in favor of Uruguay.

It was a night of tears that flooded the capital Brasília and its surroundings, and the shock left deep marks in the souls of the Brazilian people, who breathe football and love this sport to the core. In contrast, there were ecstatic celebrations in Berlin, the capital of Germany, and the merciless machines who, by the way, were crowned champions by defeating Argentina and Messi 1-0 with a goal by Mario Götze in extra time.

1- Leicester City's victory in the English Premier League

Leicester City's victory in the English Premier League
Leicester City's victory in the English Premier League

The decade's event and one of the most beautiful moments in the history of football, the miracle of the century. Leicester City's victory in the Premier League is not like any other victory or triumph. The team that rose from the English Championship League only had to wait for one season to show its teeth in the second season. With great calmness, led by the veteran coach Claudio Ranieri and a group of unknown talents who quickly turned into fierce stars that overpower any team they face. They became the talk of the world, facing all the pressure exerted on them until the last breath of the strongest championship in the world, which includes the wealthiest teams.

All of this did not prevent the Foxes from making history, achieving glory, and carving a lesson: "Money is not everything in the world of football."

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