The Top 10 Goalkeepers in the History of Football

Football, often referred to as "the beautiful game," owes its allure not only to the dazzling goals and skillful dribbles but also to the guardians of the net - the goalkeepers. These stalwarts stand as the last line of defense, turning the tide of matches with breathtaking saves and nerve-wracking penalty stops. In this article, we delve into the annals of football history to celebrate the top 10 goalkeepers who have left an indelible mark on the sport - the top ten best goalkeepers in the world.

The Top 10 Goalkeepers in the History
The Top 10 Goalkeepers in the History of Football

Top 10 goalkeepers in the world

  • Who is the best goalkeeper in history?
top 10 goalkeepers: The goalkeeper is half of the team, a statement echoed by many football enthusiasts, and indeed it has proven itself over time, even though this position is not often appreciated as it should be. Goalkeepers are usually ignored in individual awards, Therefore, we present to you the top 10 best goalkeepers in football history.

The top 10 goalkeepers in the world: Many goalkeepers have contributed to bringing championships to their national teams and clubs due to their determination and focus in the toughest moments of the match. Therefore, in this article, we will select the top 10 goalkeepers in the history of football.

  • top 10 best goalkeepers in the world:
  1. Edwin van der Sar (Netherlands).
  2. Rinat Dasaev (Soviet Union).
  3. Manuel Neuer (Germany).
  4. Oliver Kahn (Germany).
  5. Iker Casillas (Spain).
  6. Gordon Banks (England).
  7. Dino Zoff (Italy).
  8. Gianluigi Buffon (Italy).
  9. Peter Schmeichel (Denmark).
  10. Lev Yashin (Soviet Union).

10. Edwin van der Sar (Netherlands)

Edwin van der Sar
Edwin van der Sar

Edwin van der Sar is considered in the top 10 goalkeepers saves, Many associate Van der Sar's career with Manchester United, but the Dutch goalkeeper joined the Red Devils at the age of 34 and delivered everything he could at that age. He secured the UEFA Champions League in 2008 and won the English Premier League 4 times.

He is the most capped player for the Dutch national team and was part of the Ajax Amsterdam team that won the Champions League in 1995. So, we're telling you that his career didn't just start with United, as some might think.

Van der Sar holds the record for the longest minutes without conceding a goal in the Premier League, with 1311 minutes across 14 consecutive matches.

9. Rinat Dasaev (Soviet Union)

Rinat Dasaev (Soviet Union)
Rinat Dasaev

world's best goalkeeper of all time, Dasaev is nicknamed "The Cat," and many consider him to be the top goalkeeper of the 1980s, despite the presence of many great names in Europe during that time.

He is known for his quick reflexes and unconventional movements when the ball's trajectory changes. He is the worthy successor to another Russian giant, Lev Yashin, and both of them played for Spartak Moscow club.

Rinat Dasaev was chosen as the world's best goalkeeper by FIFA four times, an achievement that reflects the extent of his success. He aided the Soviet national team in reaching the final of the 1988 UEFA European Championship, although they lost to the Netherlands due to a famous goal by Marco van Basten.

8. Manuel Neuer (Germany)

Manuel Neuer (Germany)
Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer best goalkeeper in the world The goalkeeper who began his football brilliance with Schalke, and whom I personally saw for the first time in a UEFA Champions League match against Manchester United. During that game, he made incredible saves that convinced me we were witnessing the birth of a great goalkeeper. Indeed, Neuer moved to Bayern Munich in the following season and started to amaze the world with saves that were sometimes beyond belief.

On one occasion, the German goalkeeper stopped consecutive penalty kicks from Cristiano Ronaldo and Ricardo Kaká, both renowned for their penalty-taking skills.

Almost all of us witnessed Neuer and know his immense value in the goalkeeper position. He would often rush out to intercept the ball before the attackers, earning him the description of a sweeper in defense. Despite his recurring injuries, he was consistently chosen as the first-choice goalkeeper for the German national team, thanks to the strong confidence he gained from the coaching staff of the Mannschaft, led by Joachim Löw.

7. Oliver Kahn (Germany)

Oliver Kahn (Germany)
Oliver Kahn

was the goalkeeper lion and one of the most famous players known for their extreme fierceness and penchant for getting into trouble with opponents. Oliver Kahn was chosen as the best goalkeeper in the world three times, in addition to being selected as the best player in the 2002 World Cup. He was the first and only goalkeeper to receive this honor to date. At that time, the Germans only conceded 3 goals, two of which were in the final they lost against the star-studded Brazilian national team.

Kahn (referring to the goalkeeper, not the past tense of the verb 😂) was the goalkeeper who never smiled, and in our opinion, he surpassed the previous German national team giant Sepp Maier. Therefore, we included him in the list of the best goalkeepers in history.

6. Iker Casillas (Spain)

Iker Casillas (Spain)
Iker Casillas

Considered in the top 10 best goalkeepers in the world, The Spanish giant goalkeeper who excelled both with Real Madrid and La Roja's national team, Casillas began playing for Los Blancos in 1999 until 2015. Saint Iker is known for his quick reactions, spectacular saves, and his ability to stop long-range shots.

We all remember the 2010 World Cup final when he made a clear one-on-one save against Arjen Robben, the Dutch national team player. That save alone could have turned the tide of the match, but when you have a goalkeeper of Casillas' greatness behind you, you can feel reassured.

Casillas became the third captain in history to lift three major trophies: the World Cup, the UEFA European Championship (twice), and the UEFA Champions League. This feat has been accomplished only by Franz Beckenbauer and Didier Deschamps before him.

5. Gordon Banks (England)

Gordon Banks (England)
Gordon Banks

The legendary goalkeeper of the Three Lions, leading them to their sole World Cup triumph in 1966. Pelé himself chose him as one of the best 125 living players. Unfortunately, he has left our world now.

Banks didn't boast significant club achievements. He played for modest clubs like Leicester City and Stoke City, making important stops in the Premier League. However, he was always the first choice for the English national team and never disappointed.

Regrettably, we didn't witness these goalkeepers firsthand. We only have snippets from short video clips to remember them by, but we strive to keep their memory alive.

4. Dino Zoff (Italy)

Dino Zoff (Italy)
Dino Zoff

The greatest goalkeeper in the history of the Italian national team, Zoff shattered numerous records that had never been achieved by a goalkeeper before him. Most notably, he kept his goal unbeaten for 1,142 minutes. Zoff led Italy to victory in the 1982 World Cup as the oldest captain to lift the trophy and won the UEFA European Championship in 1968.

The former Juventus goalkeeper is characterized by his extreme composure and wise leadership of the defense, both with the Italian national team and the clubs he played for, most notably Juventus, where he played from 1972 until his retirement in 1983.

One of the funniest moments in his football career occurred during the 1982 World Cup when he excelled in time-wasting tactics when his team was leading. This prompted FIFA to change the rules of the game, preventing goalkeepers from rolling the ball and picking it up again.

3. Gianluigi Buffon (Italy)

Gianluigi Buffon (Italy)
Gianluigi Buffon

Undisputedly the best goalkeeper of the 21st century, Buffon stands as a defensive line of his own, with his incredible best goalkeeper saves often leaving strikers frustrated. He achieved numerous records, including an outstanding streak of over 12 consecutive clean sheets in the Italian league.

Gianluigi Buffon was a vital part of Italy's golden generation that won the World Cup, and he followed that by finishing second in the Ballon d'Or race in 2006.

Gigi is also the only goalkeeper in history to have won the UEFA Best Player award in 2003, and he has been named the best goalkeeper in the world by FIFA on five occasions.

2. Peter Schmeichel (Denmark)

Peter Schmeichel (Denmark)
Peter Schmeichel

The historic goalkeeper of Manchester United, Schmeichel played for them from 1991 to 1999. He won the English Premier League title with them five times and captained them in the 1999 UEFA Champions League final, which they won.

The Danish goalkeeper was repeatedly chosen as the best goalkeeper in the world and led his country to victory in the 1992 UEFA European Championship. He was ranked by Reuters as the best goalkeeper of the 20th century.

Schmeichel was known for going up for corner kicks when his team was trailing, and his leadership qualities were well recognized, inspiring all his teammates in the teams he played for.

1. Lev Yashin (Soviet Union)

Lev Yashin (Soviet Union)
Lev Yashin

world's best goalkeeper of all time, Yashin, a Russian goalkeeper, played his entire football career for Dynamo Moscow. He was nicknamed the "Black Spider" due to his black jersey and his hands that would pounce on balls like a spider. He is the only goalkeeper in football history to have won the Ballon d'Or in 1963.

Watching some of the short and rare videos available online, you can witness for yourself that this giant is a legend in every sense of the word. I've never seen a goalkeeper in my life who could snatch balls away from attackers with such bravery.

Yashin won the UEFA European Championship with his national team in 1960 and the gold medal at the 1956 Olympics. He also won numerous titles with his club. It's said that he saved nearly 150 penalty kicks throughout his football career.

Conclusion on Top 10 Goalkeepers in the History of Football

top 10 legendary goalkeepers | These goalkeepers have etched their names in football's history books, leaving an indelible legacy that transcends generations. From Yashin's remarkable reflexes to Neuer's innovative approach, each goalkeeper showcased unique qualities that set them apart. The collective impact of these goalkeeping legends reminds us that in football, the last line of defense can often be the first step toward victory.

  • Who is considered the greatest goalkeeper of all time?
While opinions may vary, Lev Yashin is often regarded as one of the greatest goalkeepers due to his exceptional skills and unique achievements.

  • What made Manuel Neuer's playing style revolutionary?
Manuel Neuer's sweeper-keeper style involved him playing outside his penalty area to initiate attacks, challenging traditional goalkeeping norms.

  • How many times did Gianluigi Buffon win the Serie A title with Juventus?
Gianluigi Buffon won the Serie A title a remarkable 9 times with Juventus, highlighting his consistent success.

  • Did Dino Zoff play for any club other than Juventus?
Yes, Dino Zoff had a successful spell with Napoli before concluding his club career with Juventus.

  • What is Oliver Kahn's most iconic moment?
Oliver Kahn's iconic moment includes his stellar performance in the 2001 UEFA Champions League final against Valencia, where he made crucial saves in the penalty shootout.


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