The 10 most championship-winning teams in history of all time

The 10 most championship-winning teams in history of all time
The 10 most championship-winning teams in history of all time

most championship-winning teams in history

The top 10 most successful teams in history in terms of titles are considered to be Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Liverpool, Milan, Inter, Juventus, and Bayern Munich, according to most opinions. However, none of them are among the top 5 teams in terms of titles won in history. The abundance of championships in this list does not necessarily mean superiority, but it will be a convincing reason for fans to be proud of their clubs that occupy the top positions.

The top 10 teams with the most championships in history

We bet that many people do not know which teams have won the most titles in the world, so we decided to present to you a new list of the top 10 teams in which we talk about the most successful teams in history in descending order.

Which team has the most titles in history?

  • Ranking the top 10 best teams with the most trophies in championships in history
  1. The Egyptian Al-Ahly.
  2. The Scottish Rangers.
  3. Club Nacional de Football, Uruguayan.
  4. Celtic Scottish.
  5. Atletico Penarol (Uruguay).
  6. Real Madrid Spanish.
  7. Barcelona Spanish.
  8. Benfica Portuguese.
  9. Bayern Munich German.
  10. Porto Portuguese.

The 10 most championship-winning teams in history

10- Porto Portuguese
Number of titles: 79

The second largest team in Portugal in terms of titles after its rival Benfica, the Portuguese Dragon club won the local league title 29 times (five of them consecutively between 1995-1999, which is a record in Portuguese football), while it won the cup 17 times. In Europe, it has won two titles in the UEFA Champions League, one in the old format in the 1986/1987 season, and the other recently in 2004 under the leadership of the genius Jose Mourinho, as well as a large number of other European titles.

9- Bayern Munich German
Number of titles: 80

The team Bayern Munich has many records under its name locally and in Europe. In Germany, no voice rises above the voice of the Bavarian giant after winning the league 31 times (Dortmund is directly behind with only 5 titles) and the Cup 20 times. On the European level, the giant of German football boasts six UEFA Champions League titles, three of which were consecutive in the mid-1970s. They also won all other possible continental titles, including two titles in the FIFA Club World Cup.

8- Benfica Portuguese
Number of titles: 84

Benfica Club has witnessed the arrival of many of the best players in the history of Portugal to the club, which is considered the most successful in the country's history despite fierce competition from Porto, ranked tenth in this list. On the local level, SL Benfica won 37 league titles and 26 cups, and on the continental level, the team, known as the old power in the country (Porto is the new power), achieved many European glories, the most important of which were winning two titles in the UEFA Champions League in the early 1960s.

7- Barcelona Spanish
Number of Titles: 94

Barcelona is considered the first fierce rival of Real Madrid. It is a rivalry between two cities, and their confrontation is considered one of the strongest matches in the world. The Catalan team has achieved 97 titles in its history spanning over 120 years. They hold the record for the most teams to win the historic treble twice, and the sextuple in 2009. Barcelona, in the era of the legend Messi, has approached Real in the number of titles in the Spanish League with 26 titles compared to 34 for the rival. As for the cup, Barcelona have won it 31 times (a record), while their players have lifted the UEFA Champions League trophy 5 times.

6- Real Madrid Spanish
Number of titles: 96

With 13 titles in the UEFA Champions League and 35 championships in the Spanish League, it can be said that Real Madrid is the best team in history. However, it still ranks seventh in the list of the most successful teams in history, lagging behind its eternal rival Barcelona by 3 cups (you can see the complete championships of the two teams "here"). Since the launch of the Champions League, the Merengue has imposed its dominance on the strongest club championship, winning it 5 times in a row in the old version, and recently many still remember the consecutive treble (2016-2017-2018).

 5- Atletico Penarol (Uruguay)Number of titles: 108

Since joining the Uruguayan league, the Penarol team has never been relegated to the second division in the country. They have won the championship on 50 occasions, which is considered one of the greatest achievements worldwide. PeƱarol is one of the biggest teams in South America after winning the Copa Libertadores title 5 times and has the most titles in the Intercontinental Championship with three times. In September 2009, it was chosen by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) as the club of the century in Latin America.

4- Celtic Scottish
Number of titles: 112

Celtic is a team from the Scottish city of Glasgow, which also includes its historical rival Rangers. The two teams have dominated the titles in Scotland and the competition has been confined to them in winning titles. Celtic has won the local championship 51 times and has claimed the cup 40 times, but the best day for this club was in 1967 when they won the European Champions' Cup, after defeating Inter Milan 2-1 in the final.

3- Club Nacional de Football, Uruguayan
Number of titles: 115

The Uruguayan club Nacional Montevideo is considered the most successful team in Uruguay in terms of the number of titles in the league and the cup. The club has also won 22 titles recognized by FIFA, including 3 championships in the Copa Libertadores and 3 in the Intercontinental Cup. Wikipedia and the club's official website indicate that they have won 162 championships, but only 115 titles are officially recognized. Therefore, they are ranked third as the team with the most titles in the history of football.

2- The Scottish Rangers
Number of titles: 116

Rangers return to win the Scottish League after a 10-year absence, the great one gets sick and does not die Despite not winning the Scottish League title for more than 10 years after descending to the lowest division in the country following its bankruptcy, Rangers remain the most successful team with 55 titles, a world record. If we add the other titles they have won, we find that they are the most successful team in European history, including 33 Scottish Cups and 29 League Cups. In Europe, the team won one title, the European Cup Winners' Cup in the 1971/1972 season.

1- The Egyptian Al-Ahly
Number of titles: 121

Al-Ahly is the most successful team in the world. The club of the century was founded in 1907 and since then has established its dominance over African and global football, managing to win dozens of titles across different generations. The Cairo giant has won the Egyptian league title 42 times and has proudly displayed the tenth star on its shirt in the African Champions League and the Egypt Cup 37 times. These are the most prominent achievements of Al-Ahly, which will retain the title of the most decorated club in the world until further notice.

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